Citrus Aurantium Extract
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Citrus Aurantium Extract
Citrus Aurantium Extract,6~98% Synephrine HPLC

Name: Citrus Aurantium Extract

Synonym: Bigarade Orange, Bitter Orange, Seville Orange (sweet), Portugal Orange, Citrus Dulcis

CAS No.:

Sourcing: Fruit of Citrus aurantium L

Specification: 6~98% Synephrine  HPLC

Appearance: Red Brown Fine Powder

Package: 25 kg/drum,1 kg/bag




In application of traditional Chinese medical science, it is used to dispel bloating and a lump in the abdomen and phlegm, and to cureedema, constipation, gastroptosis, prolapse of uterus and rectocele.Anti- tumour, prevent osteoporosis, reduce cholesterin and protect heart.Nerve protection and prevent diseases of degeneration of nerve.Relieve menopausal symptoms of women, improve bone metabolism and protect cardiovascular systema and reduce weight, etc.