Kudzuvine Root extract
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Kudzuvine Root extract
Kudzuvine Root extract,Radix Puerariae Extract

Name: Kudzuvine Root extract

Synonym: Radix Puerariae Extract

CAS No.:

Sourcing: root of  Pueraria Lobata

Specification: Puerarin 10% -98% HPLC,Isoflavone 98% HPLC

Appearance: Yellow Brown Fine Powder

Package: 25 kg/drum,1 kg/bag


1. To dilate the blood vessel and improve the blood circulation.   
2. To reduce the wastage of oxygen of myocardium and inhibit the cancer cells.
3. To enrich the flow of coronary artery and adjust the microcirculation of blood.
4. To treat paroxysmal deaf of all ages.
5. To reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.