Pubescent Holly Root Extract
Category: Standard Herbal Extracts  Publish Time: 2012-08-12 05:19 

Pubescent Holly Root Extract
Pubescent Holly Root Extract,Radix Ilicis Pubescentis extract, flavonoids

Name: Radix Ilicis Pubescentis extract,Ilexonin A

Synonym: Pubescent Holly Root

Sourcing: the Root of Pubescent Holly

Specification: flavonoids 20%,50%HPLC

Appearance: Brown-yellow fine powder

Package: 25 kg/drum,1 kg/bag



1)      Clear heat & detoxification

2)      Promote blood circulation system

3)      Cure arteriosclerosis heart disease,acute heart block

4)      Cure burn & scald

5)      Drive away purulence

6)      Kill worm,cure ulceration

7)      Cure acariasis & lepra & chilblain