Common Fenugreek Seed Extract
Category: Dietary Nutraceutical  Publish Time: 2012-08-12 06:47 

Common Fenugreek Seed Extract
Common Fenugreek Seed Extract, Semen Trigonellae extract,

Name: Common Fenugreek Seed Extract

Synonym: SemenTrigonellae

Sourcing: seed of SemenTrigonellae

Specification: 25% 40% 50% Total Saponins

Appearance: Brown-yellow fine powder

Package: 25 kg/drum,1 kg/bag


1.To warm the kidney
2.To dispel cold
3.To relieve pain
4.Cold syndrome of the kidney 
6.Weakness and edema of the legs caused by cold-damp
7.Reducing blood glucose levels and improving glucose tolerance
8.To reduce dietary fat absorption

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