Green tea extract tea polyphenols
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Green tea extract tea polyphenols
green tea extract, tea polyphenols,Polyphenols 95%,Catechins 70%,EGCG 40%

Name: green tea extract 

Synonym: Camellia sinensis

CAS No.:

Sourcing: the leaf of green tea

Specification: Polyphenols 95%,Catechins 70%,EGCG 40% HPLC

Appearance: Yellow brown Fine Powder

Package: 25 kg/drum,1 kg/bag



1.Leaving the aging and improving the immunity capacity of human body

2.Curing disease in heart, brain and blood vessel
3.Increasing leucocyte

4.Resisting the tumour and the break of blood vessel
5.Restraining and killing the production and growth of pathogeny bacterium and viru

6.Resisting radiation
7.Regulating the body weight.
8.Preventing the oxidation of lipidic foods and prolonging the shelf life
9.Restrining bacterium widely and intensively
10.Restrining the production of nitrite in bloat-meat food
11.Restraining the decomposation and destroy of food pigment,Vitamin and carrot element 12.Preventing candy from oxidation and acidification, protecting teeth from decaying and clearing away   peculiar smell in mouth

13.Preventing aquatic products from growth of bacterium, getting brown and getting rid of peculiar smell


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