soybean protein isolated
Category: Dietary Nutraceutical  Publish Time: 2012-08-17 10:01 

soybean protein isolated
soybean protein isolated

Name: soybean protein powder


Synonym:  soybean protein isolated

Sourcing: soybean


Specification: min 90% HPLC



Appearance: Light Yellow Powder


Package: 25 kg/bag



1.It can improve the product yield of meat, prevent oil, water droplets of condensed,

 prevent the product oil or water separation, improve the taste of the products and

structure. Keep moist, exquisite products organization, the improvement of the

product good sex slice of nutritional value. In the worms products in general add

 3 ~ 8% of soybean protein isolated

2.Added to the nutrition oatmeal, coffee mate, preparation, peanut milk powder,

 cocoa soy milk powder, walnut milk powder, fermented yoghurt, fruit juice milk

 powder, etc. Various kinds of solid drinks and dairy products to improve products

protein content, strengthen nutrition. Add quantity: it can be adjusted according to

 need and taste.

3.Used for cold food (such as all kinds of ice cream products), reduce the cost of

product. Suggestions: 3 ~ 5% additive quantity.