egg protein powder
Category: Dietary Nutraceutical  Publish Time: 2012-08-17 10:43 

egg protein powder
egg protein powder

Name: egg protein powder


Synonym:  egg white protein

CAS No.: 

Sourcing: fresh egg


Specification: 80% HPLC



Appearance: White Powder


Package: 25 kg/bag



1. As the gels for meat and imitation meat,to improve the it's flexibility,and make the slicing more easy.

2. As the food frtified ingredients,add the protein content.

3. Add into the baked goods,and make the food surface colorful and beautiful.

4. It can as brush polish anxiliary for leather chemical product.

5. Powdered Egg Whites can be used for anything that calls for egg whites in the recipe, including baked goods and more.